10 Oct 2018

As promised, John Jennings is on the road and sending reports from the field. Here’s his first dispatch. Read and enjoy.

JJ @ Virginia State University:

Here’s a look at How the Creative Process works. I did it Monday, in Prof. Meena Khalili’s illustration class at Virginia State University!

did a short introductory lecture about my work and about Alex Simmons’ work and his character BLACKJACK. In fact I created an image of the character as part of my lecture. (See screen captures.)

I then answered questions regarding my process, how I thought about making art/stories, and my inspirations around building characters that resonate with audiences.

I also looked at the student work and gave some feedback. Prof. Khalili is doing a great job. The students are really focused and have wonderful concepts.

It was an honor be in the studio with them sharing information and energy.

I then visited the Advertising Art class co-taught my hostess Prof. Ann Ford and Prof. Andrew Feldstein. It is an amazing collaboration between the art department and the marketing department. Students were asked to analyze Super Bowl commercials regarding their effectiveness.

Last, but not least, I gave a public lecture at 4:30pm and ended around 5:45pm. I had a great time!

The exhibition, BLACK KIRBY: IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHERBOXX CONNECTION opens today (Tuesday) at 530 pm!! It’ll be up for the month of February.

And during the day, I will be in Prof. Ford’s Type 2 class. After that, it’s home and back in the studio making another Blackjack image!!

Till then…